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Okie Podcast With NDN Elvis

On this Episode of Okie Podcast I have NDN Elvis Michael Loman join us as we talk about where he’s from, becoming NDN Elvis, Bike talk, dancing, being an artist, NDN Elvis on the rez episode 1 and more. Check him out here on Facebook, and Instagram @ndnelvis I

Native ChocTalk - “This Adopted Choctaw & Her Unfolding Story: Monica Brooks With Samantha Mietchen” - Season 2, Episode 22

Season 2 05 August 2022 Native ChocTalk presents: “This Adopted Choctaw & Her Unfolding Story: Monica Brooks with Samantha Mietchen” What do you think of when I say the word, “tribe”? Perhaps it means something like protection or social involvement or love and support (or all of the above)? Many feel

Okie Podcast With Kirk Morrison

On this episode I have indigenous artist Kirk Morrison join us as we talk about where he’s from, his artwork, NFT talk, the metaverse and of course jiu jitsu. Check out kirks linktree right here https://linktr.ee/kirkfromoklahoma and follow him on all social medias. I want to

Russell Talks - EP4

On this Episode I talk about our trip to hominy for the live unsolved mysteries of the reservation show in hominy indian village, Meat Wolf Comedy, Mac Nez coming over for the premier of reservation dogs at river spirit, with all due respect rap battle league, and events coming up

Unsolved Mysteries of the Reservation Star People & Spook Lights (Music Prod. productofthe90s)

On this episode we talk about Star People & Spook lights from personal stories, listener stories, to even vivid dreaming. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @unsolvedreservationmyseries on Tik Tok @reservation_mysteries and subscribe to our unsolved mysteries of the reservation youtube channel.

Okie Podcast with Cali Po3tic & Da'juan Dupri

On this episode i have pop alternative hip hop artists and hip hop artist Brandon Arias & Dujuan Dupri join us as we talk about where they’re from, meeting for the first time, getting into music, gaming, With All Due Respect Present'srap battle league and both their albums. Dupri just

Russell Talks - EP3

On this episode I talk about going to otoe encampment, the scuz, Unsolved mysteries of the reservation event at Hominy Indian Village, everything working out, RE$TLE$$ NAT!VE$ with Tricia Fields, UGKs Podcast, loving yourself and doing what you love, and Toke Signals. go vote for Toke Signals at
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