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State’s largest tribes split over status of descendants of their former slaves

By Lauren Green Gaylord News WASHINGTON – Oklahoma’s five largest tribes on Wednesday spilt on their willingness to comply with terms of treaties signed more than 150 years ago regarding descendants of their former slaves. “They’re going through a long conversation happening among the tribes that is resolved in

1st Native American US treasurer to be appointed, head Mint

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Native American is being appointed U.S. treasurer, a historic first.The White House announced President Joe Biden's intent to appoint Marilynn “Lynn” Malerba as his administration establishes an Office of Tribal and Native Affairs at the Treasury Department, which will be overseen by the U.S.

Quapaw Nation calls Supreme Court ruling in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta an affront to tribal sovereignty, erosion of well-settled federal law

QUAPAW, Oklahoma - The Quapaw Nation today responded to the Supreme Court of the United State's ruling in Oklahoma v. Castro Huerta. The case presented a jurisdictional question about whether the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute certain major crimes in Indian Country or whether the federal government and

U.S. Supreme Court restores state criminal jurisdiction in Indian Country

U.S. Supreme Court restores state criminal jurisdiction in Indian Country

GET OUT AND VOTE! Native American groups help hundreds of new Oklahoma voters register ahead of primaries

by Molly Young After months of working to increase voter turnout among Native Americans, Oklahoma tribal leaders and voting advocacy groups will receive their first progress report Tuesday. The primary elections will also provide a road map of how much ground they have left to cover before November. When is
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