"Sky-Eagle Collection: A Moving Tribute to the Osage People to Take Center Stage at Cannes

Indigenous Arts and Fashion Festival"

Taos, NM, USA— 3/31/2023 —

Dante Biss-Grayson, an acclaimed Indigenous Fashion Designer from the Osage Nation who currently resides in Taos, New Mexico, is poised to showcase his stunning Sky-Eagle Collection at the prestigious Cannes Indigenous Arts and Fashion Festival, with an extra touch of glamor and elegance as Ashley Callingbull, Mrs. Universe, will take center stage as the premier model for the collection.

The highly anticipated runway show is scheduled to take place at the renowned Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d'Albion Cannes on May 19 & 20, with the Sky-Eagle Collection set to be unveiled on the first day of the festival.. The Sky-Eagle Collection will be the featured designer and will hit the runway on May 19th at 6pm. This promises to be an extraordinary display of fashion and culture that celebrates the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities.

A Tribute to the Osage People: The Honor Collection and Summer Collection, the two collections that will be presented by the Sky-Eagle Collection, offer a breathtaking tribute to the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities. The Summer Collection takes inspiration from Osage Ribbonwork, modernizing the ribbonwork designs, while the Honor Collection pays homage to the Osage Reign of Terror & the Killers of the Flower Moon, featuring custom printed designs showcasing old newspapers, FBI reports, photos of the Osages, and Dante's poems.

To add an extra layer of artistry to the show, Dante will perform a live action painting stage while a violin collaboration by Genevieve Salamone provides musical accompaniment. Through their designs and runway show, the Sky-Eagle Collection hopes to inspire support for Indigenous communities' efforts to overcome historical injustices.

The Sky-Eagle Collection is committed to using fashion as a tool for social change and promoting greater awareness and understanding of Indigenous culture and history. The brand's overall design philosophy centers on creating innovative designs that celebrate the richness and diversity of Indigenous cultures while promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Adding to the excitement, Mrs. Universe, Ashly Callingbull will be the premier model for the Sky-Eagle Collection, highlighting the beauty and grace of the designs while bringing global attention to Indigenous fashion. With its stunning visuals and powerful message, the Sky-Eagle Collection promises to be a show-stopper at the Cannes Indigenous Arts and Fashion Festival.

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