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Native Heritage Month: Will Rogers

On November 4, 1879, Will Rogers was born on his family’s ranch near Oologah, Indian Territory. Rogers was a Cherokee actor, writer, humorist, philanthropist, cowboy, aviation booster, and much more! Celebrate his birthday at the Will Rogers Memorial Museums’s Motion Picture Festival. Follow their page for more info!

Native Heritage Month: Trivia Tuesday

#TriviaTuesday Indigenous peoples in North America invented this traditional game and have been playing it for centuries. It is known as one of North America’s oldest team sports. Can you name the game? Photo of Mvskoke men taken near Checotah in 1903 (8444, OHS Photograph Collection) #Trivia #OHSTrivia #Sports

Oklahoma Music Minutes for November 14-18: Music you should hear this week

By Matthew Viriyapah The Oklahoma Music Minute features musicians and bands from across the state, in hopes you'll discover your next favorite musician. November is Native American Heritage Month, and the Oklahoma Music Minute is featuring music from the Cherokee language album, Anvdvnelisgi ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ. Find more about the album, click

Chickasaw documentary “Montford: An Original Brand” available now

The life of historic Chickasaw rancher Montford Johnson inspired the feature film, “Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher,” which can currently be viewed on Netflix. Along with the feature film, Chickasaw Nation Productions produced “Montford: An Original Brand.” This 48-minute documentary is now available on DVD at select locations within the Chickasaw

Rena Smith wins first place in SEASAM regalia division with ornate moccasins

An elaborate and ornate pair of Chickasaw wedding moccasins was awarded first place in the regalia division of the Southeastern Art Show and Market. Chickasaw creator Rena Smith beamed at claiming top honors, laughing about how much work she put into the beading and shell fringe of the moccasins. “I

Founder of motivational movement I AM, I CAN, I WILL, set to debut new character in hit series,‘Yellowstone’

By Rosemary Stephens  There are not many people who haven’t watched the hit series, Yellowstone, or at least have heard of the series. What many may not know is Christian Wassana, a citizen of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, will be debuting in his first acting role

Native Heritage Month: Big Jim & White Turkey

Big Jim The popular name of a noted full-blood Shawnee leader, known among his people as Wapameepto, “Gives light as he walks”. His English name was originally Dick Jim, corrupted into Big Jim. He was born on the Sabine Reservation, Texas, in 1834, and in 1872 became chief of the
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