Tahlequah, Okla.—Northeastern State University has partnered with Bacone College to provide a seamless pathway for all Bacone students seeking to transfer and graduate on their current timeline.

The partnership between the two heritage-rich institutions ensures the longstanding commitment each has made to student success and a sustainable future for their diverse communities continues—uninterrupted.

“Northeastern is proud to be able to work with our partners at Bacone College to welcome these students into the RiverHawk family during this difficult time,” President Rodney Hanley said. “Our commitment to their success began the moment we were made aware of the situation. We are determined that these students will not only achieve their education dreams but also flourish while doing so.”   

NSU transfer staff are working hand-in-hand with administrators at Bacone to close the gap for students affected by the school’s recent challenges.

“The Bacone College Board of Trustees has regretfully made the decision to suspend classes for the spring 2024 semester. The spring will be a time for Bacone to restructure and rebuild. Our primary concern is the impact the suspension of classes is having on students,” Dr. Rebecca Truelove, Vice President of Academic Affairs for Bacone College, said. “Bacone appreciates the support Northeastern State University is showing by reaching out to students during this enrollment process.” 

Northeastern officials are committed to removing barriers for the admission process, including application fees. The NSU advising team is hard at work scheduling Zoom meetings with Bacone students to identify and secure classes within their academic sequence.

“I am thankful that through this partnership Northeastern can provide a seamless option for students to stay on track to achieve their educational goals—close to home and with an institution that knows firsthand the sacrifices they and their families have made to get to this point,” Dr. Carla Swearingen, NSU Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, said. 

A national leader in American Indian education since 1851, NSU offers Native students the opportunity to enhance their academic experience in a supportive environment that values their cultural heritage. Bacone transfers can take advantage of diverse resources and programming offered by the NSU Center for Tribal Studies, more than 80 student organizations, as well as the opportunity to apply for numerous scholarships.