TULSA, OKLA. — Brenton Thomas, Business Consultant at Casino Cash Trac (CCT), was named as a NextGen Under 30 recipient. Thomas was one of 24 winners in the Science, Technology, and Engineering category.

“I am honored to be recognized and awarded as a young tech leader in Oklahoma.” Thomas said. He continued, “I believe the technology field can be a transformative change agent of good in our community and I am proud to be recognized alongside so many other leaders who are investing back into our state with their skills and passions.”

NextGen Under 30 recognizes and encourages the next generation of innovative, creative, and inspiring individuals who push the boundaries in various categories of endeavor. In addition, award winners are selected based upon their participation and contribution to the communities, according to the NextGen Under 30 website.

Thomas graduated from the University of Tulsa in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in MIS. Upon graduating, Thomas joined the CCT team as a Technical Consultant and was quickly promoted to the Business Consultant role.

Kiley Proffitt, Marketing Manager at CCT, said, “We seek individuals who align with our five core values: driven, adaptability, problem solving, customer oriented, and teamwork.” She continued, “Brenton strongly encompasses each core value and has been a top-performing employee since joining our team. We are proud he has been selected among many other bright, young individuals in our state.”

About Casino Cash Trac

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Casino Cash Trac is the creator of Casino Insight™, an award-winning suite of transactional reporting and analytical tools designed to streamline and automate cage operations, revenue audit processes, and operations analysis. Casino Insight™ offers full integration with most casino management, food & beverage, and hotel systems, as well as most cash dispensers, kiosks, and other bank machines.

Since developing Casino Insight™ in 2012, Casino Cash Trac has helped over 190 casinos across multiple states and countries to advance towards operational excellence, maximizing productivity and efficiency. while minimizing paper waste and manual processes.