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“Announcing the First Ever: Tribal Captive Insurance Company Conference”

Sour Sofkee By Fus Yvhikv Does the idea of gaining the greatest degree of control over insurance, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and expanding tribal sovereignty captivate you? Then you must attend the upcoming First Ever: Tribal Captive Insurance Company Conference. This conference is planned for February 2024 at

Sour Sofkee: “Fixico Works Tirelessly At Being a Slacker”

By Fus Yvhikv It’s a busy Saturday morning at The Home Depot. The Doers are getting things done. Scores of customers are pouring through the front door. Dressed in an orange Home Depot apron, Fixico is there to greet them. “Excuse me, sir,” a female customer addresses Fixico. “Where

Sour Sofkee: “Natives are Tribal Citizens, Not Enrolled Members”

By Fus Yvhikv Fixico’s short visit to my house was now entering its 2 nd week. He was chomping on a frozen waffle which was in acute need of more microwaving. Fixico was working on his fourth cup of coffee. I ambled over to the Keurig eager for my

“Taking America Back: To 1950s Segregation”

Native Oklahoma Magazine August 2022 Sour Sofkee By Fus Yvhikv “Lord, take us back,” intoned U.S. Senate candidate Luke Holland at a political event. But Saint Luke wasn’t the only candidate imploring the Almighty to put some starch into America’s moral fiber. So too were the other

“Clueless G.O.P.”

Native Oklahoma Magazine July 2022 Sour Sofkee By Fus Yvhikv Fixico tossed his beer can at Tarpalechee’s television. Beer splattered all over the screen and soaked his shag carpeting. “Heyluh! What are you doing to my TV, chebon?” Tarpalechee demanded. “I just can’t stand it anymore,” Fixico said.

“Regime Change in America”

Native Oklahoma Magazine Sour Sofkee June 2022 By Fus Yvhikv It is a pleasant evening at The Rez Bar in Tulsa. Unusually cool for a June evening. Nevertheless, Harjo, the rotund proprietor of The Rez, has large beads of sweat adorning his bald head. “You fools ready for another round?

“Tulsa Secedes From Oklahoma!”

Native Oklahoma Magazine May, 2022 Sour Sofkee By Fus Yvhikv “When in the coarseness of human events,” Fixico declared. “It becomes necessary for a city to throw off the shackles of the tyranny of a meddlesome state government, the town must then declare its independence. We hold this truth to
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