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“Where Did Our $2.8 Billion Go?”

Native Oklahoma Magazine Sour Sofkee, March 2022 By Fus Yvhikv Who reaped $2.8 billion in windfall profits during the Great Freeze of 2021? We all know by now that the Oklahoma legislature enacted legislation during 2021 to allow gas and electric companies to tack on a surcharge that us

Father John O’Conner’s Folly

“America is running out of Gods!” the Oklahoma Attorney General thundered from the pulpit. “At this rate, our great country will be godless before The Wall is built.” “Preach on brother,” his flock responds. The sermonizing was a talk by attorney general and televangelist John O’Conner. The scene was

“Does DNA Mean D.O.A. for Dawes?”

“Does DNA Mean D.O.A. for Dawes?” By J.D. Colbert Native Oklahoma Magazine Sour Sofkee, December, 2021 Do you want to know if you are Native? Do you want to find out the “truth” of the family legend that you are Cherokee and that you have a great-grandmother
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