“We are met with many challenges in the cycle of life. At times we fall, at times we fail. In those times we may not realize how much we’ve learned, how much we’ve grown and how much more aware we have become. We EVOLVE, capable of being better than we were in the days behind us. Like the never-ending revolution of our world around the sun, we EVOLE over and over... we rEVOLVE.” -L. Aragon“rEVOLVE” by designer Loren Aragon.


Digital print on 100% Silk Chiffon Scarf, 42 in.X 42 in. HAND WASH ONLY.Ships USPS First Class/Priority or UPS Ground to all U.S. locations.International shippingavailable to select countries.

ACONAV rEVOLVE Silk Chiffon Scarf


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