Emergency Short-term Telemedicine Programs available for Native Americans

Denver, Colorado - Gen7 Solutions, is a Native/Woman/Veteran owned healthcare and consulting company. As a national Telemedicine provider, our 24/7 unlimited $0 co-pay physician consults through video smart phones, internet and telephone services can provide up to 70% of ever day health care needs for all ages.

Telemedicine physician consults are recommended by the CDC in battling the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic across the globe, and specifically throughout the Native American/Indigenous populations in the US. Use of telemedicine reduces unnecessary and costly visits to hospital ERs, urgent care centers and physician offices where exposures to the virus can occur.

Christy Jackson, Gen7 Solutions Principal Founder shared, “Since the Native American population provide unique challenges to provide and receive healthcare, Gen7 Solutions have found the absolute best health partners available, and consolidated their expertise and infrastructure to deliver immediate Telemedicine services, to ensure every member of Indian country has access to care and can personally benefit.”

The current healthcare system shortage of healthcare professionals and the lack of specialists and medical facilities in rural areas, or the underserved or underfunded areas are ideal areas where Telemedicine can make an immediate impact.

Gen7 Solutions’ mission is to create lasting and impactful healthcare solutions to problems facing the Native American/Indigenous population. These range from health and wellness, to discount purchasing and financial services.

For additional information/news inquiries, please visit us at www.Gen7Solutions.com or reach out directly to our Executive Director Tony Schuster at mailto:TSchuster@gen7solutions.com.

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