American Indian of Commerce of Oklahoma is STRONG


Spring is among us! I hope everyone is ready for 2020!

I’d like to personally invite each of you to The Gathering Annual Business Summit 2020, held at the River Spirit Casino & Resort, Tulsa, OK, October 18th-20th! This one of a kind American Indian Business Summit will fully engage you for success in Oklahoma, keeping our Native dollars in Indian Country! It’s an exciting time for the AICCO as we continue to grow with insurmountable momentum! Join us this year at any of our local chapters across this great state!

It is an honor to proudly announce that your American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma is STRONG and getting STRONGER!

We are excited about the opportunities that will be available to you during The Gathering. The essence of the true entrepreneurial spirit thrives amongst the many tribal nations, and minority businesses attending this year! This is a testament to our work on your behalf and will continue long into the foreseeable future!

Though we are many nations, WE ARE ONE! ALL NATIONS ONE MISSION!!!

Have a great Spring!

Chokma’shki!, Thank you,

Bailey Walker, President

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma

Symbolism of Business Dreams

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